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Scritto da G. L. B. e S. R. Mercoledì 20 Gennaio 2010 17:11   
Venerdì 22 Gennaio 2010 17:22

Anti mafia Prosecutor Ingroia speaks while mafia bosses threaten.

The massacre strategy? “A real threat”. Delegitimizing political aggressions? “They expose magistrates to the eyes of mafiosi”. Do you feel protected by the State? “Standards are not ideal, but we can't ask for anything more, although I see too many armored vehicles being assigned to politicians rather than judges. I understand it's a choice but it would be interesting to know the reasons behind the choice”.

Cosa Nostra is watching. Three anonymous letters threaten four of Palermo's and Caltanissetta's magistrates. Ingroia, one of the judges threatened by mafia, speaks.


Doctor Ingroia, are the continuous delegitimizing aggressions directed toward magistrates who are investigating the massacres and the relationship between Cosa Nostra and deviated parts of the State placing public prosecutors in a situation of danger?

They surely don't help. Everyone knows that the best defense for people working in territories invaded by criminal organizations is institutional cohesion. If someone is exposed and accused of being partial, which is the worst thing someone could say about a magistrate, he exposes him to the eyes of the mafia which could be compelled to believe that the judge is taking sides, with regards to their organization as well.


Is the alarm concerning a return to a strategy of terror founded?

Apart from this specific event, which is being taken care of by colleagues in Catania, I believe that the risk tied to a new violent strategy is real. Mafia organizations are using a synergetic approach. The first signals are coming from the 'ndrangheta, in Calabria (southern region of Italy). The fact that Cosa Nostra does not have a leader, and, that it continues to to use the truce strategy adopted by Bernardo Provenzano, could represent a temptation for those who wish to gain control of the criminal organization to act on such an impulse.


During the past few years anti mafia investigations have uncovered a shadow. It is commonly referred to as “deviated” services which have been particularly present in this last season of investigations during the course of Massimo Ciancimino's and Brancaccio Gaspare Spatuzza's revelations. What would Cosa Nostra have to gain from possible new massacres?

I don't like reasoning on a hypothesis. We have to keep in mind that, at the moment, a one way mafia strategy does not exist. There have been signals. Cosa Nostra wants to prove that it's still alive and able to claim or make requests for certain things. I wouldn't exclude the possibility of an attempt by the mafia to reinstate itself through blood crimes.


Let's talk about security, in particular about “sensitive targets”. Today, you expressed your concern for the men who work as escorts. Are you satisfied with the level of protection guaranteed by the State in alarming atmosphere such as this one? What more would you ask of institutions in charge of security with regards to the protection of magistrates and police agents?

Security standards are not ideal, however, I don't think we can ask for much more than this, at least not on paper. I fear that government budget cuts in the justice division are going to affect means of transportation available to magistrates but, mainly policemen who work as escorts. A few days ago the escort's car stalled and the police agents ended up having to push it. I get the feeling that, sometimes, certain means and tools are used to guarantee safety for politicians rather than magistrates. It's probably a motivated choice. It would be interesting to know more about.


In these hours, Confindustria (industrial association) expressed solidarity to magistrates and sees itself as being in front line in the fight against organized crime. Is this the first time? How do you look at the position Marcegaglia has taken? 

I don't know if it's the first time but, in the last few years a brave position has been taken, first by the president Montezemolo followed by Marcegaglia. This shows a new kind of sensitivity, an insight which leads to the awareness of the need to “clean” the business world. If only politics had the same good intentions!


There's one call for solidarity missing, probably the most important one, the government's. What do you think of the premier's silence concerning such a delicate issue?

It's not up to me to comment this question.

G.L.B. e S.R. (il Fatto Quotidiano, 20 gennaio 2010)

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